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Tips For Writing Effective Landing Pages

Beginners in web marketing often direct their pay per click ads to their home site. This is a serious error. People who click should be sent to a separate landing page that utilizes the words they used to find your ad. For example, one of my most success ads uses the key words "learn to sell" and the landing page opens with the headline "learn to sell". This allows the visitor to quickly realized they came to the right site.

Don't make visitors find the button or topic on your main web site. They won't do it. Effective landing page copy is written from the buyers' perspective, not yours.

Be sure to tell them how your product or service solves the challenge that brought them to you. Many successful organizations have hundreds of landing pages, each optimized for a particular set of related search engine key words. Here are tips that make landing pages more effective: SEO Landing Pages If you are attempting to drive traffic to your site from search engines, you will need to create a landing page that has a high density of key words. Take the key words and work them into your landing page many, many times.

This is why you see long, rambling landing pages that repeat like a TV infomercial. These pages are actually written more for the search engine spiders than for human eyes. Pay Per Click Landing Pages We suggest much shorter landing pages for pay per click campaigns.

These should be written more for human eyes and not search engine robots. Be sure to start with a headline that matches the keywords that brought your visitor. Early in the page, show how you will solve the challenge that brought them and have a call for action "above the fold". Eliminate Distractions The landing page is a place to deliver a simple message and drive your prospect to respond to your offer.

Don't try to do too much. We suggest you remove navigation bars as this encourages prospects to go to other pages. Keep it to a solution and a call for action. Make It Easy For Them To Take Action Make it as easy as possible for visitors to take the action you made the page to create. If they have to fill out a form, only ask for critical information.

For example, if you will be emailing them an e-book, all you need is their email address and name. Don;t ask for all kinds of other information. be sure to test all buttons to buy etc to be sure they actually work. Don't forget to follow up! Some visitors will buy on their first visit, but most will require follow up. Most sales are made after a few follow up messages are sent.

We use Aweber (www.aweber.com) to automatically send follow up messages every 10 days.

Be sure your follow up messages give them more exciting or meaty information. People like free information but do not respond well to many messages asking them to buy.

This article contains free tips on writing effective landing pages for pay per click advertisers. For more information on web marketing and copy that works, visit http://www.salesandmanagementsolutions.com or call 800-941-0068. We have lots of free tips on sales and web marketing on our blog at www.sales-solutions-now.com

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