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Several ways and means to buy expired domain

Expired domain market is a busy place where everyone would jostle and rush out to find their own expire domains with sense of deep conviction. In reality, buying an expired domain is not as easy as you feel it will be! There are several reasons and causes that motivate people like you and me to buy expired domain. One of the best reasons for indulging in expire domain business is its ability to provide you very lucrative profits for the money invested into the business. Here are some established tips and suggestions that will teach you how you can buy expired domain in an ever-busy market place. Generally, all soon to get expired domains go through three phases of life: * Expired status, when the owner of the domain in question will have 40 days of grace period, when he or she can renew the domain again by paying a standard fee * Redemption period, when the domain enters its decisive period of shut-down and the owner of the domain may need to cough up renewal fee, along with additional penalty. * Locked period, when the domain name in question enters the deletion phase, which is usually 5 days long.

And, on the last day, the name will be officially dropped from the database between 11AM and 2PM Pacific time. Soon after this time, anyone can register for the expired domain. With these phases of expiration cycle, how does one buy expired domain? In fact, a simple search and buy method may not work in the real sense.

There are smart entrepreneurs, who use better and quicker methods to grab the domains, before you actually do. It means that you may need to use methods similar to those used by these entrepreneurs. Experienced people who are well versed in snatching expired domains always use smart methods. One such method is the "Drop Method" that promises you good expired domains.

The Drop is that unpredictable three hour time period, in which the domain gets deleted from the registrar's database and released back into the pool. If you feel that you can buy expired domain during the dropping process is very easy, you are sadly mistaken and confused. There are no fewer than three or four major services that specialize in snatching away all the good names that become available for sale. To buy expired domain from a large pool of domains, you may wish to enlist the services on three major domain trading firms, so that you can hope that they will grab a domain name on your behalf.

Three main expired domain name trading firms are: * Snapnames.com, * Enom.com, and * Pool.

com All these three forms act and operate in a similar manner. They always use a network of registrars to aim at the ICAAN servers at frequent intervals and grab as many names as possible. As a normal rule, if you do not get your desired name, you will not pay a cent to them. All the three forms operate in slightly different ways and manner.

Another common way to buy expired domain is to approach the soon-to-expire domain owner and ask, if they can transfer the domain name to your name. Yet, another way is to participate in a regular domain auction and buy an expired domain at a very high price. Whatever the way you chose, your main goal should be picking a good and decent domain at an affordable price; to buy expired domain name from the open market, you will also need to know how domain trading business works and operates in the real sense.

John Khu is the well-known author of a new e-book titled "Expired Domain Secret". He is also a seasoned professional with vast experience in expired domain name business. He is also the owner of the path breaking web site called http://www.expireddomainsecret.com which provides complete and up-to-date information on expired domains and their eternal secrets.

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