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How Affiliate Marketing Can Benefit Your Site

Running a website can be an expensive business. There are webhosting fees, the cost of a domain name, bandwidth costs, and of course the time you put into it. But there is an easy way to earn some money back, and make your website more attractive to visitors at the same time. Affiliate marketing is simple. You chose a product to promote. You get a special 'affiliate link' that leads to the product website.

You put this link somewhere on your site, and every time someone buys a product through it you get a percentage of the money. Simple! And the great thing is, whatever your site is about, there's bound to be a product you can sell linked to it. Say you run a history site, with articles aimed at students. All you have to do is sign up to Amazon's affiliate program, and make money when they buy books.

The same can be done with CDs, clothes, make-up, cars, holidays?anything. Whatever your site is about, simply Google the topic alongside 'affiliate programs'. You'll find something. Another option is to visit Commission Junction, which will give you access to thousands of different products. It's important that you choose the right one. Don't just choose the most expensive option.

Remember that cheaper goods sell in higher quantities. At the same time, choose something too cheap and you won't make the kind of money that it's possible to earn. Make sure that whatever you choose is relevant. It has to relate to the topic your visitors have just been reading about. One of the most effective ways to do this is to have a section of your website for reviews.

At the bottom of each review, put a link to the product you've just been writing about. Another option is to write about a hobby, and then link to the supplies they'll need. You might like carpentry, or dress-making. Find an affiliate program on a website that sells equipment.

A third option, if your site is informational, is to find an affiliate program for an informational product, such as a book. Write a brief article that will titillate interest in the subject, and then link to a product that will tell the reader more. And this also makes your site more attractive to visitors.

Visitors like being able to find out more. They also like being told which products are good to buy. Your website has just got them interested in something. The product you're linking to will help them find out more. They also appreciate the recommendation. After all, nowadays there are so many products that it can be impossible choosing what to buy.

Link to a product that will help them and you might even find yourself receiving thank-you e-mails! All you do is find a product relevant to your site and link to it, along with a few words telling visitors why they'll be interested. This is actually the most effective way of selling a product. The visitor is already interested ? otherwise why would they be reading your site? ? and your recommendation is more effective than any sales pitch.

Because you've helped them by giving information, they'll trust you. It doesn't matter what your site is about. From bras to books, you can promote it all. It's just a matter of finding the right product, and watching your commissions grow.

Anita Buchan is a successful affiliate marketer who now wants to help others earn the same money she does. For honest reviews of home business opportunities and free resources for affiliate marketers, visit http://www.dont-get-scammed.biz

Affiliate Network Marketing

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