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Emotions And Memories Are Keys To Your Online Traffic Formula

Impact advertising should play a major role in your campaigns. Understanding how memories are stored as pictures will help your be more effective. "A Picture is worth a thousands words", sums it all up. Do you recall all of the words that you read on the screen, or do you remeber the pictures and how the ad made you feel? Visualizations are very important in capturing people's attention. In addition to memories, emotions play a critical role in decision making.

It is important for marketers to understand that aside from logic and reason, human behavior is mostly influenced by emotions. Emotions are driven by the influence our memories have on us. So, we want our business marketing to spur emotion. Here is a litte experiment I want you to try. The of the word anger, and think or image what this looks to you.

Did you see facts or some kind of image in your mind. I'll bet you saw an image probably accompanied by some emotion. Scientists believe that decision making cannot happen without emotional responses. Consumers need to be able to access emotions to influence their behavior.

Without the emotion, your traffic will fizzle. People want to be impacted. In marketing, you want to figure out how people relate to your product and certain experiences. These experiences trigger particular emotions which then drive their behavior. Commercials that are full of dancing people and party lights, actually will tie up the product their selling to your emotional response of having fun. There are very few words but lots of emotion.

Revealing typical emotional responses will give you insight on what you must do and say to succeed in internet marketing. Your customer's feelings about your product is very important.

Trisha Frauenhofer is an online marketing expert who loves sharing her most effective online tricks including the Online Traffic Formula

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